Never Ending Circle | cross:over

Gründungsjahr: 2002
Stil: cross:over



Kokstar - vocals
Porto - guitar
Chris - bass
Mrx - drums/samples


NEVER ENDING CIRCLE -the bandīs uncompromised musical qualitiy as expressed in it's individualistic yet serious-minded style is highlighted by its uncompromising stage-presence, delivered with that extra punch.

By carefully applying that forceful punch they take their audience through a forever-changing mix of violent force and profound emotional depths - and it doesn't matter whether it is small clubs they are playing, or Club Avalon/Allentsteig where they played to a crowd of 600 people as support-act for 4LYN.
It rocks ! - and the audience goes wild.

The singing, praying, accusing rap of frontman Michael Kogler tells us about everyday situations- but soothes us immediately with a melodious song full of harmony. He is fluent in styles ranging from Pop-Rock to Metal, and enjoys taking them further.
Supporting him are three versatile instrumentalists: Michael Portugaller, the guitarist, who in unimitable style pounds the stage with his harddriving yet melodious riffs. Bass-player Christian Rieger seeks out the limits of his five-string Fratless bass, making your skin crawl in the process !
Not content, he then changes tack, gets out his Jazzbass and turns up the pressure once more on all friends of Funk . . . . Drummer Markus Stummvoll delights in mischievously catching you offguard too: he will take you from HipHopBeats to thumping refrains to soft and funky drumparts, all in his own time . . . . .

NEVER ENDING CIRCLE blows a fresh breeze right in your face -
hard, funky, punky, soft - but not a bit CALM !


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Circle style

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